Your experience at a horse show is NOT the 5 minutes you spend in the ring; why should the memories stop there? While it's becoming the standard at shows like WEF and Thermal, the ability for competitors to bring a photographer that fits their own style, budget, and goals to smaller local shows is more important than ever.

Riders can expect...

All the classic in-ring shots plus coverage from warm-up to awards, capturing all of the candids that make up the rest of your horse show day. I limit the amount of clients I take on at each show to ensure everyone receives full coverage. I also offer discounts for a full barn sign-up; this availability varies by show, so reach out if you'd like more info on booking your whole barn/training program. You can expect your gallery to include approximately 15-20 images per round including in-ring, warm-up, and all other "behind the scenes" coverage. You'll also get priority access to my special Horse Show Mini Sessions!

To sign up for private coverage, you'll simply sign up online before the show! There is a set fee to sign up for each show, which depends on how many days of coverage you're wanting, location, etc. You can find the specifics for each show here. After the show, you'll receive your very own online gallery that has all of all of your images from the show! From there, you can download all of you high resolution digital files to share online and print at home!

Official photography coverage ensures coverage of every horse & rider. This is greatly beneficial for large championship shows, breed shows where the photographer needs to be inside of the ring to shoot, or if there are more tan two rings running throughout the duration of the show.

Riders can expect...

Those classic, in-ring shots of every event. No need to worry about finding my information in advance or signing up- I'll be there for every rider! All images are then found either on-site at my booth, or online in the gallery. Images can all be purchased individually by each rider as digital files, prints, or any of my other keepsake options!


As a private client photographer, I am not exclusive to the event and other photographers are welcome to photograph their own clients. This allows your competitors the freedom of bringing their own photographer or choosing the one that best fits their personal style, budget, and needs while at the show.

As an official photographer, I will be there for every single rider, with no extra effort of signing up ahead of time. This also includes win shots!

At every event, you can expect lots of candid captures of your staff, competitors, and other highlights of the venue. I am a licensed and insured business, and can provide paperwork as needed for show management or venues.


“Ella did the photos at my daughter's OHSET meet and they were beautiful. Thank you Ella!"

"OH MY GOSH! Thank you Ella Chedester for capturing so many amazing portraits of our athletes! SOO happy I bought the package you offered!"

"You are an amazing photographer - your pix are above and beyond previous - JUST WOW!"

"Ella is very talented and gifted in equine photography. We are truly blessed to have special OHSET memories created by Ella.”

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