Equine and pet photographer for those who consider their animals family.

Serving Portland, Salem, Eugene, and beyond.


How far will you travel?

I am based in Oregon's Mid-Willamette Valley and travel almost anywhere between Portland and Eugene with absolutely no travel fees. I do frequently make trips both further north and south down the west coast and have the occasional scheduled trip to the east coast (PA, NJ, NY) as well! You can join my mailing list and follow me on Facebook/Instagram to be the first to hear about travel schedules!

How far ahead should I book?

I always recommend reaching out as soon as you can! If you're not ready to pick the exact date, I can at least make sure I get you down on my schedule for the week or month and then we can nail down the exact date once we're closer!

I take a limited amount of clients each month to assure that I'm able to give everyone my full attention, which means I usually book up 1-3 months in advance during the summer & fall months.

You can always reach out about specific availability or check in on social media for updates. If you join my VIP Mailing list, you'll get priority access to booking and travel dates.

Do I get digitals or prints?

I offer both print and digital keepsakes to allow for the most customized experience. This means you can choose to purchase prints directly through me (and my professional print labs) or you can choose to purchase digital files that you could print yourself at a consumer level print lab. I'm happy to talk through both these options with you to see what suits your needs best!

Whether you are just needing photographs for a sale horse's digital ad or are a senior wanting the full VIP experience with your heart horse- there are investment options for you!

What if my dog/horse is too crazy to sit still for photos?

I promise it's easier than you think! I hear this ALL the time.

When you see a dog without a leash on, or a horse without a halter, it's more than likely Photoshop magic! Safety is the top priority at my sessions and I have special halters and leashes that makes pretending they were never there a breeze!

Most of the dogs that I work with have only basic obedience training and are photographed on leash. I've worked with dogs of all breeds, personalities, and levels of obedience- so don't worry, I've got a few tricks up my sleeve to make it work!

How much does this cost?

I provide a highly customizeable session experience that allows for a wide range of investment options including wall art, albums, folio boxes, and more!

I have a full session & keepsake guide that explains all of my session options. I can help walk you through all of what I offer (no commitment)- just reach out! Clients generally choose to spend a total of anywhere between $650 and $2500.