Tired of signing up at every show?

New, for the 2023 Show Season:


Fill out the form and I'll add you to my list that comes to every show with me! VIP Clients are automatically added to my schedule for any show that you and I are both at- you'll receive priority scheduling, with no need to sign up every time and no need to pay the $29 scheduling retainer. You'll get a confirmation email from me before each show, once ride times are posted.


Who is this for?

- Trainers who have multiple/rotating sales horses and don't want to remind their clients to sign their horses up, or fill out a form for different horses each time. This is an easy way to guarantee I'll have all your horses on my schedule and you'll have plenty of images available for personal use or advertising horses.

- Clients who know they always want photographs from every show, and don't want to worry about remembering to sign up each time.

How much do show photos cost?

Prices for photos all remain the same for VIP clients. The only difference is you never have to worry about the $29 retainer!

What if I have special requests or information changes?

You can reach out anytime to update information! If you have a new horse, a new email, or any special requests for a specific event, just send me a message and I will update my books!