Hey, I'm Ella.

Equine photographer, Ella Chedester, posed with her horse, Rue
(and that's Rue)

If you've found your way here, chances are we have at least one thing in common: we love our animals like family. Our worlds revolve around them, but their time on this earth with us is much too short.
My mission is to preserve these memories through vibrant, documentary style photography and custom artwork for the home. What better way to thank them for the joy, companionship, and love they bring to our lives?

With every session, our promise to you...

Is personalized and vibrant artwork that celebrates the extraordinary connection humans share with their dogs, cat, and horses.



Ella is the primary photographer, editor, and the one who you will reach via email or through this website! As a lifelong equestrian & artist, she is dedicated to creating timeless and emotional images that correctly represent the equine. (She/Her)

Austin Chart in wedding attire, holding onto his Border Collie Lucy


An animal person by every definition, Austin is also the reason that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. He has been helping at sessions & photographing horse shows for over a decade now! (He/Him)



While you probably won't meet Lucy in person, rest assured she is here in the office running a very tight ship! Fun fact: Lucy "pawprinted" as the sole legal witness at Ella & Austin's elopement in Colorado.

chestnut thoroughbred horse looking to the side


One of my greatest inspirations and the horse I owe so much to. Rue is also, let's be honest, the one who runs the scheduling around here. While we now focus on dressage, Rue and I have ridden across almost every discipline.



This retired barn kitty has quickly adjusted to his plush new desk job of warming keyboards and laps.

Tech support

What we can learn from horses about ourselves is much more important than what horses can learn from us about themselves.

- Warwick Schiller

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