01. all inclusive SESSIONS

full service portrait sessions

Specifically designed for celebrating life's most important occasions - and people - All Inclusive Sessions offer a full service portrait experience for high school seniors, your heart horse, the family dog, and all of you other four-legged family members.


Celebrate the Little things

Over the past decade, I've watched my own girl, Lucy, grow from a wild puppy to a wise senior. Looking back, it feels like it was in the blink of an eye, but my home tells a different story. There are photos of my best friend everywhere I look- each from a different place and time in our lives. Out of hundreds, I could never pick a single favorite. Each and every photo carries its own significance and emotion, and with every new grey hair, I feel increasingly grateful to have that gift.

Mini Sessions were designed to allow for the ultimate long-term experience. While the full portrait experience is perfect for celebrating major milestones, mini-sessions help you celebrate all the little things in between.

Start today. Celebrate the little things.