Equestrian lifestyle sessions are designed to be an all-inclusive experience that highlights everything you love most about your horse. These sessions can include both you, your family, and your horse(s), or can be focused solely on your horse!

Most sessions take place onsite where your horse is boarded, but if you'd prefer to haul out, I have a list of horse friendly locations that I know photograph well. All sessions take place using only natural light during the late afternoon hours on a sunny or overcast day.

No matter what type of images you've been dreaming of, you can always expect a fun, relaxed, and rewarding experience- for both you and your horse.

All included images are hand edited and fully released for all personal use online and in print. Professional print products are available as an optional additional purchase.



Lifestyle portraits are taken outside in the open light and can feature you with your horse, or just your horse on their own! They are the perfect choice for senior photos, your horse at liberty, or for including your barn's gorgeous scenery.


Fine Art Portraits are taken using only natural light and the entrance to your barn or arena. These portraits are a combination of photography and digital art, and can be done on a black, white, or custom background.

our process



The first step is to reach out! I can get you the full session guide with all details and we can pick a date or general timeline for your session. From there, you'll choose which session experience fits your needs best, and then we'll start planning and take some time to go over things like location, wardrobe, how you might want to display your images, and everything you love most dearly about your horse!



The session itself usually runs between 1-3 hours, depending on the session package you've selected. During our session, my top priority is always a fun & relaxed evening out with your horse!



A few weeks after the session, you'll receive the link to your private, online gallery with all of the images. Every session is all-inclusive, but you'll have the flexibility to further customize your experience via the a la carte menu of albums, prints, and more. Whether you want a full collection of wall art to celebrate your heart horse, or a leather album with every image of your dog's greatest adventure, we customize the experience to you!

the investment

Every session with us is an all-inclusive experience, and you'll have the opportunity to customize your investment by choosing the package that best fits your personal goals.

All inclusive portrait sessions begin at $1495 and always include...

- In depth planning & welcome guide

- Travel throughout the Willamette Valley

- Access to the equine client closet

- Our time together at the photo session

- Private online gallery of all high resolution images

- Personalized design assistance for optional wall art, album, and any other artwork purchases

When you're ready to learn more, I can get you the full Session Guide along with a complimentary consultation. Just reach out below!

INterested in the full session guide?

Reach out here to connect!


How far in advance do I book?

Most sessions are booked a few weeks to a few months in advance. Summer and fall months are quickest to book up.

Where do sessions take place?

Most equestrian sessions take place right at home, where your horse is boarded! Don't worry if you aren't at a barn with miles of rolling hills and big trees; we can make a beautiful backdrop out of almost any facility.

If you'd prefer, we also have the option to haul out to another location. Perhaps the beach is a sentimental place full of memories for you, or there's a pathway down the local trailhead you adore!

Can I print the images you take?


It is so important to me that you are able to print, share, and love your images in every way that you can. The digital files you receive are released for use both online and in print; this means you can share them on social media, take to your local printer/framer, print at home for gifts, etc.

You'll also have access to my complete professional print store through your online gallery. This gives you easy ordering access for a variety of wall art, albums, and other keepsake options. Of course, if you would like assistance in planning out any wall art displays or albums, I am here for that too!

What happens if the weather is bad?

Weather is a pretty big priority when we are working outside with the horses. We will be planning for a sunny or overcast day (we'll discuss this more while planning your session) and always have a backup plan in case of rain, high winds, etc. The weather, and subsequently the light, that we have to work with on the day of your session will affect the final look of your images, so we have the availability to reschedule.


Joyful & Vibrant Photography for Horses, Dogs, and the People Who Love Them.