Before the Show

Riders must sign up ahead of time to receive coverage of their rides throughout the weekend. Sign-ups are confirmed with a $49 booking fee in order to secure your spot on my schedule.

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Got Questions?


How much does it cost?

Your total investment is made up of the $49 booking fee + image purchase. The most popular packages are as follows:
40 Digital Images . . . $349
20 Digital Images . . . $249
10 Digital Images . . . $149
5 Digital Images . . . $99

Prints, wall art, keepsakes, etc. are also available for a la carte purchase.

What is a private gallery?

The main photo gallery is accessible by those who have signed up with me for photos, and any associated owners/trainers/etc.

A private gallery is an optional upgrade if you would like your photos to be unlisted and viewable by only you (separate from all other riders at that show). Private galleries are an additional $10 per gallery, or a free, optional, upgrade for professional riders showing multiple horses.

Rest assured (in either case) I am only uploading photos that flatter both the horse and rider.

Will you photograph every test I ride?

Sometime, yes, but not always. We prioritize delivering a complete gallery with as much variety as possible.

We might not catch your ride if...
* You go in the ring 15 minutes early and don't tell us
* You sign up after the show has started for the day
* You are riding the same horse 4-6 times in one weekend, etc.

If you have a special request such as...
*you're wearing a specific outfit for a specific test
*your grandmother will be coming to cheer you on, but only for a few minutes on one of the days
*your horse is much spookier in one arena vs the other
... Just let us know! I can take this into account when building our schedule.

When will the photos be available?

Show proofs are all uploaded by Wednesday after the show. Everyone who signed up will receive an email with the direct link to the gallery. Proofs are unedited previews; images are edited upon purchase.