WPQ Making it Always "Warren"

Binkerd Performance Horses // newberg, OREGON

Equine Fine Art Session

I've photographed a lot of beautiful horses over the past few years but I have to admit there hasn't been one quite like Warren. Seriously- there's not many horses that have been so easy or photogenic to work with. Which is exactly why he was the perfect candidate for our Horse Show Mini Session on site at the Linn County Fairgrounds in Albany, Oregon!

Legs. For. Days. Like seriously.

I grew up with hunters and jumpers- I'm no stranger to the tall warmblood, but this guy was a whole different story.

If you've worked with me before you might have noticed I'm just a tiiiiiny bit too tall for my own taste- I like to squat down while shooting to get the angle I like, to varying degrees, for every horse I've ever photographed.

Not here. I'm pretty sure I was actually on my tip-toes for a minute.

This handsome guy was being shown by one of my lovely clients who I happened to run into while I was at the NW Buckskin Show at the Linn County Fairgrounds (not working, but happened to have my camera on me). She had just gotten him in and how could I possible say no?

This session was the perfect example of how easy the horse show mini sessions can be! Warren was only with me for about 10 minutes and we were able to catch the last little bit of perfect light. The Linn County Fairgrounds are actually one of my favorite places for fine art sessions- there are so any available entry ways facing all directions which allow any time of day to give us the light we need. They even have lots of areas for dropping in a white and colored background too!

the full session

I offer on site Fine Art sessions to all of my Horse Show Private Clients! They are quick, easy, and the perfect opportunity to grab a few glamour shots while you're horse is all dressed up and braided or banded. And even better- all your horses are together and ready for their matching colored backdrops!